Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Imprtant

I am assuming that most of you have seen the movie "The Help" or read the book. If you haven't then I would urge you strongly to do so ASAP. It is powerful. It is a wonderful book/movie about humankind and what we are capable of. You may think this post is a review of the movie or book but it's not. I do love them both but I have no desire or expertise in order to critique them. So...I am just applying it to my own little life.

This is a totally random but I have been told by a handful of students, staff and faculty on Asbury's campus that I look like Hilly Holbrook from the film. Her real name is Bryce Dallas Howard. I don't see it but it does make me laugh.

Maybe I don't want to see it because of the character that she plays. I sat through that movie thinking I can't believe her, what a terrible person, and many other mean thoughts. Then I took a step back. I would like to believe that I would be like Skeeter. Doing all the right things for those in need around me but is that true. We have no idea how we would respond or what we are capable of until we are really put in a tough spot.

All that to say, I am thankful that I didn't have to see the things portrayed in the movie in real life and that I do hope daily even though I am not faced with such obvious racism I would be conscience of the people around me who are hurting in any way.

That was all a very long way to get to this point. I was sitting in a meeting last week called Early Alert. It is a group of five of us who check grades, chapel misses, personal life, etc. on the entire student body. We note anyone who we see falling through the cracks and assign someone to be in contact with them before weeks end. As I sat there I was struck with the fact that I could really relate more to Abileen and her relationship to Mae Mobley in the story. Abileen wanted to teach Mae Mobley that she is better than how her mother treats her.

I am capable and responsible to teach all the students that I interact with on a regular basis that they truly are better than they believe themselves to be. This is my own little goal now. Not that it is any sort of little goal, but I want people who interact with me to know those things are true when they are finished talking to me. Maybe not the first time, but by the end of this school year I want lots of students to be a little more proud of themselves and more confident that they were made for great things by their Heavenly Father.

So...if you are a student reading this, don't be surprised to get a note in your CPO reading..You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important.


Marie-Claire said...

There were certain times when your CPO notes got me through the day :)

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