Monday, November 7, 2011

Kresge Kandyland!

I have been an RD for a year and a half and as most of you know I love planning events. So when I took the job I thought up the idea of a trick-or-treat event. We call it Kresge (the dorm name) Kandyland. So many people are against Halloween because it is the "devil's day" so I decided to put a positive spin on it. We turn the whole building into a Kandyland board...K for Kresge.

The girls get really into it and have a great time. This year we had Peppermint Prairie, Frosted Forest, Licorice Lagoon, Chocolate Swamp, Lollipop Lane, Sweet Street, Candycorn Canyon, Sourville, and Gumball Gorge. We had over 750 people participate in the evening. My sister-in-law Jennifer came up from Florida with her hubby and my niece and nephew. My parents and brother came into town as well to see the event themselves. It was a wonderful weekend with family. Below are a few pictures from the weekend.

The Green Lantern, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Tinker Bell, 80's Rocker, Superman, and a Doctor.

Our little Newsie!

The lobby with some of the community members.


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