Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cute Little Man

Today Eli and I were running errands and I went into the Christian Bookstore to pick up two books and saw the cutest thing and wanted to share it with you. So I checked out and was walking to the door when I heard a little boy probably around the age of 5 or 6 talking to his mom. He asked for something and his mom said no to whatever he was asking for.

His response, "Mom you are just so mean when you do let me have everything I want."

Anywho...it was super cute.

I drove away laughing and called Aaron immediately! I couldn't help but be proud of the mom for saying no to that precious little boy. He was just so sweet in telling her that she was mean. :) The Lord will have to give me strength when my little man asks me for something in the future.

Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope you enjoy the short week!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Shoe Stories!

This summer I have an extensive to do list! I really like lists and accomplishing them. So yesterday I began to tackle the list. I cleaned out my scarves and my shoes. Doesn't sound like much I know, but for those of you that know me well you know that in fact this is a HUGE deal.

Remember this is judgment free zone so the following remarks must be smiled at and not frowned upon. When I met Aaron I had over 200 pairs of shoes and before we got married and shared and apartment together I took that number down to half! Again, please no judgment. I know that seems excessive, but I was a single girl that loved shoes so that is what I spent my money on. So yay me for getting down to 100.

Well over the last almost 3 years (can you believe it!) that Aaron and I have been married I have been hanging out around the 100 mark getting a few shoes here and there and getting rid of a few here and there. However, yesterday I decided several must go. It might surprise some of you to know that I am actually pretty good about cleaning out my belongings every three months or so, but this summer will be a bit time clean out since I have the time to do it well rather than rushing it over a weekend or an evening after work.

So...as of today I have 25 pairs of shoes to sell and four scarves! I will post pictures via facebook soon. If you are a size 6-7.5 keep your eyes open for the shoes and if you like scarves or clothes those will be coming soon as well so keep checking back for those.

Some of the shoes will go straight to Goodwill because they are from high school and others are pretty cute, but I just don't use them enough so I will sell them. You may be asking, "why do you still have shoes from high school or shoes that you don't wear often?" The answer is the stories behind them. I have memories and stories in each and every pair of shoes I own. I know it is silly, but I can't help but look at my pink and green polka dotted espadrilles and not think of my college graduation six years ago, my leather kitten heals from JCrew and not think of my many shopping trips with Kelli and Brynn or my burberry plaid clogs and think of a trip I took to Arkansas to see my dad, or the blue and green leather Chinese Laundry pumps and think of my first day of work after college. They have good and bad memories, but memories all the same.

So I cleaned out the shoes. I am not sad to see them go. I will not lose the memories, but just make room for more shoes and that means even more memories!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Third Trip To The DMV

I don't really like the DMV/County Clerks office! I went back today for my third trip and they told me that I could not even register our car. ONLY AARON CAN DO IT!!!!

I very nicely, not really, looked at the lady and said, "What exactly do you need from me to register this car? This is my third time here and I want the next trip to be the last."

She told me, another thing that was never mentioned included.

So...tomorrow Aaron and I will go and hopefully have a KY title and registered car!

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day Of "Not Working"

So this is the first day of what is considered my "not working" summer. Ha-Ha! That is a joke. If today represents what the rest of the summer will look like than it is going to be a tough one.

I started at Nicholasville City Hall trying to register our new Escape that we have had for over a month. I should have done it weeks ago, but we got the title last week and I haven't had time. So today was the day. After I loaded my little one into the car, waited in line for 25 minutes while Eli spit-up EVERYWHERE, I got to the front and the lady told me I had to go get the car inspected. I was beyond annoyed. So, I walked to the bank through all the construction to see my sweet friend Kelli and all my other friends/co-workers Kristie, Greg and Kara at good 'ol Town Square. I deposited our checks, vented about the Circuit Clerk and then went on my merry way to get the car "inspected."

To be fair Greg told me at the bank that the inspection was a bit of a joke. That they ask you to turn on your lights and signals and that sort of jazz but that is about it. Well Greg if you are reading it is much less now. After I unloaded Eli for the third time and carried him up all the steps to the Sheriff's office, paid my $5.00 and then carried him back out to my car...all they did was write down the VIN# and ask for the mileage!!! I could have screamed!!!

On a side note though, an old school friend Ashley was who did the "inspection" and it was nice to catch-up with her. Other than that however, I was a very mad mommy. Thinking, well Eli has finally fallen asleep and I am right here I might as well get the car registered even though it is time for Eli to eat. It shouldn't take that long.

Again, HA-HA! I loaded and unloaded Eli again, walked into the court house, waited patiently in line thinking this is it and it will all be worth in a few short minutes when my car is registered and we are all set to go. I was up next and the lady called me forward. I gave her my papers with a smile, asked her how her day was going and then she told me that I would have to fax my inspection to the dealer in Wisconsin and then bring it back after it had been filled out and notarized! To say I was livid would be an understatement!

I called Aaron on my way home with our wonderful SYNC technology in the car and I am sure I nearly blew his eardrums. I vented up a storm! My entire morning was wasted standing in line after line, loading and unloading a very tired but patient little one who wanted a nap and still didn't get my car registered.

It probably wouldn't have been as big of a deal to me had the first lady at the Count Clerk's office just told me that after getting the inspection I would need to do steps 2 and 3 and then return. I am just a little bitter berries. I have many years of customer service under my belt and I just would have liked to be given a little friendly guidance, rather and shuffling me off to the next place without the extra advice.

So to all of you out there reading who have experience a rough start to your summer, week, or just day, I feel you and we are all in it together!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Morning Pictures

So tonight at midnight Eli would be turning 3 months old if he had come on his original due date. I was rocking him and feeding him about ten minutes ago and just thinking about what a big boy he is. I love and adore him so much. He is growing like a weed and I cannot believe that he has been a part of our live for almost 6 months now.

He is getting so close to sitting in his bumbo chair. He will now if I support his head a little bit. He smiles all the time and is getting so close to laughing at his momma. He has one time briefly so I know it is coming.

I am in awe of this little man and how great he is. He travels as well as any baby can and we couldn't ask for more. He sleeps so well and is still fine with anyone and everyone passing him around and holding him. Just the most laid back and precious little man.

Aaron and I were talking yesterday as we looked at pictures from the trip and we decided that Eli is beginning to look like a little version of is future self. When you look at your own baby pictures you can see a glimpse of what you currently look like. I snapped these photos one morning after Eli woke up and was just playing on our hotel bed. Excuse the eye gunk and enjoy dreaming with us about his future holds.

North Carolina Trip

This weekend we went to North Carolina and South Carolina (it was on the edge so we went back and forth lots) for Aaron's college friend Caleb's wedding. Aaron was a groomsman so we went down Friday morning and left plenty of times to travel since it takes FOREVER to to anything with a baby. A seven hour trip only took us a tad over eight which isn't bad. It actually helps me slow down because I am not so much an "enjoy the journey" road tripper as much as I am a "get food to go and get there as fast as possible" road tripper. Now we take our time. We feed Eli and eat ourselves and just enjoy the trip.

For me this trip was a little bit of a test for our big California trip coming up the beginning of June. I have taken Eli to Indiana (a five hour trip) three times, but I have always had a home to clean, prepare and store bottles so I just didn't know how all that would go. Also he sleeps either in his crib here or a pack-n-play at my parents so the sleeping would be a new adventure as well.

So...we got a travel bed and I took some dish soap in a travel container and Eli's bottle brush. Don't worry, I made sure to Clorox wipe the whole sink area before beginning and then I used a bath towel I brought specifically for a drying area.

It was a successful trip and I am now looking forward to California even more. It just takes a little planning, some flexibility and a good attitude. These are just a few pictures from our trip. More to come soon. Hopefully now that I am off for the summer I will have more time to blog.

A smile as Eli stretches out in the front seat after we stopped for lunch on the way down.

My make shift bottle station and travel bed. (more images of travel bed coming after California)

Eli stretched out after a diaper change on the way home. I just wanted you to see the little outfit he wore home. I thought it was fitting for the occasion.

Our final stop! We made it home safe and sound.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's out for the summer!!!!

Actually, I am just off work for the summer! I have never in my life since working in high school had a summer off work. I am excited as well as interested to see how I like it or if I hate it. I have always thought I would be bored if I wasn't working but this summer will let me test the waters.

I have lots of projects planned. Organize EVERY single drawer in my bedroom, clothes, jewelry, everything! Also, sew more burp clothes for Eli and my soon to be born niece or nephew. I want to finish my 2009 and 2010 scrapbook as well as get started on this year's scrapbook since Eli has been born. I may coordinate a few weddings as well as attend several for dear people in our lives, Emily, Caleb, Katie, Karly, and the list goes on and on. We are going to California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Maybe Eli and I will go to the pool with Kellie, Elijah, Joshua, Kristin and Laney or make a trip to King's Island. Zumba or do the Shred at least three times a week. No matter what the plans, the world is my playground. (At least Central KY anyway) :)

Lots of fun photos to come. Happy Trails to you all!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eli- 5 months

Again...sorry this is a little late. The pictures were taken on the day so they are accurate.

Eli is now 5 months old (9weeks adjusted for those of you who weren't sure). We don't know his weight or length because he is now considered a normal little guy and only goes to the doctor for his 2, 4 and 6 month check-ups. We will know more on June 2nd at his 6 month.

However, he looks and acts great! My guess is that he is around 12 lbs and 23 inches long. Again we will know more next month.

  • He is in a size 1 diaper and pushing the limits with those so I may transition him to size 2 this week.
  • He is growing out of all his newborn shoes but is not quite big enough for his size 1 shoes so he may be wearing only socks for a little while. (Sorry GiGi)
  • His changing pad is his favorite place to be. Aaron and I think he likes it because he is flat on his back on a soft surface, but high enough to be close to our faces and all the action.
  • Most of you know this but he is sleeping 11 hours at night and taking around three naps a day lasting around an hour each. I used the babywise technique and recommend it to everyone.
  • He found his thumb and uses it sometimes, but not regularly.
  • He is not the interested in a pacifier! This makes me happy as well.
  • He is wearing size 3 month clothes and some 3-6 month pajamas.
  • His eyelashes are so long and beautiful!
  • We go for walks everyday and Eli loves to be outside! This is such a blessing to mommy and daddy because we both love walks and having him enjoy them makes them all the more special.

This comparison shot is here for two reasons. 1. for you to see the difference and 2. to mourn the loss of Aaron's childhood bear. I put the bear in all the pictures so we had a reference however, when Aaron's mom and I went to the mall to have pictures made "Teddy" was sadly lost. So no more pictures with him, but we did get one professionally done before he was misplaced.

I just thought the picture below was cute and funny so I included it.

Happy and Sad

There is tons going on in life and it seems that for every happy there is a sad.


Eli is doing so well. He is sleeping 11 hours at night and loving life.
He smiles constantly and is such a content baby.
I have learned to enjoy working out more regularly... at least 4 times a week.
I am slowly getting my body back... very very very slowly.
The end of the year is wrapping up and summer is in sight.
We have two fun trips planned. California and Tennessee.
There are still some wonderful students around for the summer so the transition isn't as abrupt.
Lots of special weddings on the horizon.


Eli has lots of eye drainage we are trying to get control of.
Getting your pre-baby body back takes forever and is really hard work!
I am learning to play words with friends, but I am not very good.
It is unseasonably warm this week and my allergies are killing me.
My back has been causing me awful pain for weeks and I cannot get an appointment to look at it until next week.
The dorm is so quiet and lonely without the sounds of students.
My family lives far enough away that we have to plan vacations to see them.
I just miss all our college students so much already and it has been less than a week since they graduated.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zumba...New Life Dream

So this is my new dream! I want to be a Zumba instructor! I have done these classes on two separate occasions and in the last month have started up again and I've come back to the idea of Zumba. It would be a great way for me to stay in shape, work around Aaron's schedule and also bring in supplemental income.

It is so much fun! You just get to move, dance, sweat and smile for an hour. I am not the best at it, but I can be encouraging and someone to laugh with. Just a dream, but I did research and it is a day long class costing $230.00 on my birthday!
Again this is just a dream, but I think it would be so fun. I don't love working out but I love time with friends, dancing, smiling and feeling good after and hour of sweating. So I'm gonna keep the idea in my pocket and just see what happens in the future.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Abundant Gifts - my RAs

I am sitting in my living room looking over pictures from the past few months and came across the pictures one of my RAs gave me. The day that Aaron and I shared our story in chapel several of my RAs made shirts to support us. Looking at these pictures bring me to tears. These girls have been more help to me over the last year than I can tell you. With me in the hospital and back and forth going to see Eli, they held down the fort and were incredible. Their shirts were so sweet and their support meant so much to me and Aaron.

Eli's Birthday!

You Can Dance If You Want To

This past weekend Aaron and I were asked to be chaperones for a college formal that in the past was only a dinner and sometimes show. This year however they upped the anti and allowed dancing. This was the very first Asbury University sponsored dance and it was AWESOME!!!! The students were very well behaved and had a great, clean and fun time. Aaron and I danced the night away as well with other chaperones, Kristin Paulus, Erin Ward, Julia and Josh Sheets, and Jeanette Davis.

We started our night with dinner at Rossi's including 19 of our students! The food was average and the service was poor, but we had lots of fun with each other. Aaron and I did not get a single good shot, just the two of us, but I stole one from Katelyn. (Thanks lady, otherwise we wouldn't have a single shot.) I had on four inches heels so my feet were a bit sore, by the end of the night, but that was the only negative thing I could say of the whole experience.

I have said this a thousand times, but I am really going to miss this senior class and this was the perfect ending for our time together. Just being goofy and having a blast!