Sunday, May 22, 2011

North Carolina Trip

This weekend we went to North Carolina and South Carolina (it was on the edge so we went back and forth lots) for Aaron's college friend Caleb's wedding. Aaron was a groomsman so we went down Friday morning and left plenty of times to travel since it takes FOREVER to to anything with a baby. A seven hour trip only took us a tad over eight which isn't bad. It actually helps me slow down because I am not so much an "enjoy the journey" road tripper as much as I am a "get food to go and get there as fast as possible" road tripper. Now we take our time. We feed Eli and eat ourselves and just enjoy the trip.

For me this trip was a little bit of a test for our big California trip coming up the beginning of June. I have taken Eli to Indiana (a five hour trip) three times, but I have always had a home to clean, prepare and store bottles so I just didn't know how all that would go. Also he sleeps either in his crib here or a pack-n-play at my parents so the sleeping would be a new adventure as well.

So...we got a travel bed and I took some dish soap in a travel container and Eli's bottle brush. Don't worry, I made sure to Clorox wipe the whole sink area before beginning and then I used a bath towel I brought specifically for a drying area.

It was a successful trip and I am now looking forward to California even more. It just takes a little planning, some flexibility and a good attitude. These are just a few pictures from our trip. More to come soon. Hopefully now that I am off for the summer I will have more time to blog.

A smile as Eli stretches out in the front seat after we stopped for lunch on the way down.

My make shift bottle station and travel bed. (more images of travel bed coming after California)

Eli stretched out after a diaper change on the way home. I just wanted you to see the little outfit he wore home. I thought it was fitting for the occasion.

Our final stop! We made it home safe and sound.


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Precious! Love the last picture!

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