Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tour of our little home

The cozy apartment is coming along and I am getting used to life in Kresge dorm. I had my first ALL HALL meeting with 250 woman last night and it was a blast! I had so much fun. We did a dance, covered rules, and just had a great time laughing. I think this is going to be a great year.

A tour of our home...

Our bedroom

The nursery (clearly still in progress till we know what the baby is)

The Kitchen

The kitchen again...

The living room

We love our little place and it will begin to feel more like home in two weeks when we find out what the precious baby in my belly is and can start getting the nursery together. Pottery barn kids here we come!

See you all soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dorm Life

So...we have begun the new adventure.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have been so busy. In the last three months Aaron and I have moved 11 people in or out of our old home (now a rental), moved ourselves into a dorm, been to Florida, Indiana, and moved 150 girls into our now current home, Kresge dorm. There are 100 more ladies to come tomorrow and Sunday.

However, it has not only been the most full months of my life, it has also been some of the most blessed months of my life. My RA and RD staff is wonderful! Please look at how gorgeous and lovely each of these girls are. You clearly can't see this from looking but these girls have beautiful souls. I am honored to be working with them.

Also, I cannot wait to see my small group girls. I am missing them terribly. It has been way to long since we have all been together. So I can't wait till Sunday when we are all in one place again.

One more thing...

My husband is a super hero. He has rocked out his first year on the job and has 50 students enrolled in the fall incoming class for our Masters of Social Work program and I could not be more proud of him.

I hope everyone's summer is wrapping up nicely and you are looking forward to the start of the school year. I know I am. Keep your eyes open for more posts to come. I will try and keep up with this a little better.