Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I'm Thinking

There are so many random thoughts running around in my head and I just want to put them down.

  1. I love my husband and I am so proud to be called Mrs. Wilkinson.
  2. I know the rain is frustrating, but the storms are soothing to me for some crazy reason.
  3. I am so proud of the seniors graduating in a week an a half.
  4. I cry every single time I think of the seniors graduating.
    10 small group girls and the many students who are a permanent fixture in our lives.

  5. I look forward to next year. My staff, my students, Anna living back in Kresge, but I still cry when I think of the seniors graduating.
  6. I am overwhelmed by the Lord's love and provision for little ol' me.
  7. I miss my family now that they are in Indiana and I cherish the times we get together.
  8. Zumba has reentered my life and I LOVE it!! Great workout and wonderful fellowship, with tons of laughter.
  9. I have been given such a great staff of women this year and equally good women for next year.
    This year and next!

  10. This life has seasons and I just want to enjoy every one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Life of Eli

I know I have done a terrible job updating, but thanks to my hubby some of you get weekly updates from him.

Eli is doing wonderfully! He is growing perfectly and is in the 50th percentile for a two month old baby (his original due date). The biggest thing that is happening with him is our routine is being set. I talked with my wonderful friend Kelli Stephens (who is one of the best moms I know) about making Eli cry it out. I started the process a week ago with no help from my mom or husband ;)! They both gave in easily. I stuck with it however and Aaron jumped on board and now we are down to less than a minute of fussing before he falls asleep!!!

I cannot say enough what a great baby Eli is. Through nothing that Aaron or I have done, but totally because of him. He wakes up happy, spends the day happy, is happy in his car seat, happy on walks, and just happy! I could not be more proud of our little man.

He is now sleeping 8 hours between feedings and we are hoping to make it 10 starting this weekend. He is waking up at 5 AM and I feed him, but this weekend (when Aaron doesn't have to get up for work) I am going to try and let him go back to sleep until 7 AM. That would be incredible for mommy.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for our little boy. Being a first time mom is a challenge, but he makes is a joy and all worth while.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

This year was a very special Easter. It was Eli's first! My family was in town so we went to church on Saturday night and then made lunch for 25 students who were not able to go home to family for the holidays. It was not your typical Easter but very special none the less.

Some of the lunch crew!

Crazy storms all weekend!

Our family Easter picture!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out with the old in with the new

Back many moons ago my dad bought me a car for my high school graduation. It was an amazing gift! I have never had a car payment because of his generosity. However, in the last several years the ol' Ford Escape has been struggling. Aaron and I have shelled out the cash to keep her going, but this past week we traded her in for a shiny "new" (to us) well running 2009 Ford Escape Limited!

Aaron researched this car to death! He searched and searched and searched. If you are looking for a newer car and you want a good deal you have to be willing to wait and be willing to drive. Aaron found our little beauty in Wisconsin! So last Friday after work Aaron left little Wilmore and drove to Indiana, picked up my dad Chuck and went to Wisconsin. Two days later and 22 hours of driving later Aaron came home with our wonderful new car! I am so proud of Aaron. He does an amazing job caring for both me and Eli. He found us an incredible car, was willing to drive forever to get it and trade our car in, and did it without complaining!

Bittersweet. I loved this old thing. 10 years worth of memories.

but... LOVE my new car and will make years worth of new memories!

Aaron has decided to call the new car "Zoolander" because the color is blue steel and it is really really really ridiculously good looking! Also, Eli makes the face a lot!

The first time we saw Eli make "blue steel" in the hospital and his first time in the car.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Gladulation!

The cake that James decorated for me. Happy Gladulation! (we made up the word)

This year marks the end of an era. I have had a small group of ten girls for the last two year, had fourteen student workers over the last five years and in just a few short weeks my first class of seniors that I brought to Asbury as an admissions counselor will graduate.

We have a whole campus of students to love and we are so blessed and I know the Lord will continue to put special people in Aaron and my life, but graduation day this year will be a very sad day for me. I know that in years to come I will continue to keep up with these students just like I have with others in the past, but this is such a big number it just feels more permanent to me.

So...last weekend I decided to get several of them together for a night of games and special time. I had them all write letters to one another that I will mail to them a year from graduation to remind them of their friendships, commitments, and memories. It was a great free gift that they could all give to one another. After two hours of them writing we played games and of course had all their favorite snacks.

Aaron and I wanted to give them all a little gift to remember us and encourage them for the future so we bought them "The Little Engine That Could". It is one of my favorite childhood books and will be a good reminder to them not only to preserver, but to helps those around you along the way.

Sarah threw a paper airplane at Jenelle and it landed in her hair. It was rather funny.

All these folks are dear to my heart and I will miss them, but I am confident the Lord will use them in incredible ways. I cannot wait to hear about all of their adventures.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friends that are like family has been totally crazy! Aaron's mom has been here for two weeks and that has been so helpful, but I still feel like I am running from one thing to the next. All that to say I am sorry that I have not posted more.

On monday, Eli went for his 4 month check up (really only 6 weeks old) and the doctor told us he is PERFECT! He is gaining weight at just the right pace and he is perfectly average for a 6-8 week old baby.

He is 21 1/4 inches long and 10 lbs. and 9 oz.

He is going between 6 - 8 hours at night between feedings which is so helpful for mommy. I am feeling much more normal now that I get somewhat regular sleep.

Also...Eli met the Groeling Family, minus Jeff. He was working. It was so great to see them. It had been since December of 2009 that we have seen them. They loved seeing Eli and were so great with him. If Eli grows to be half as great as these children, I will consider myself very lucky and blessed. Susie is the best mom I have ever met and I hope to be as much like her as possible.

Little Levi! (5th of the kids)

Micah (3rd) was scared of Eli spitting up on him. It was very funny.

Joshua, (4th) he was so sweet with Eli. He kept asking to hold him.

Rebecca (2nd) and Leah (1st) were so gentle and traded him back and forth.

The Groelings were in our wedding 3 years ago. They are so special to me!

We are so blessed with great friends and family.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Eli is 4 months old! (6 weeks adjusted)

Allergies and Smiles

I have my first round of yucky times with allergies and I feel awful! However, the flowers, smells, and sunshine makes it all worth it.

Happy Friday! I thought I would leave you with a picture to start your weekend off well!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Aaron's Birthday Cont...

Aaron's 26th birthday was not quite over last week. We went to Indiana this weekend (more about that later) and on Thursday night mom made Aaron his birthday dinner. He asked for a burger bar. So she made hamburgers with all the fixin's, chocolate malts, and strawberry shake for Aaron.

We had lots of fun and just enjoyed letting Aaron know how much he means to us and just what a great addition to our family is after. We have only been married for 2 1/2 years but it seems like he has been with the family forever. I cannot imagine a better fit. This is just one of the many reasons that I love him so much.

Eli helping sing to dad!

Scoping it all out.

Balderdash! We really like board games.

The birthday hamburger! Burger, pepper-jack cheese, bacon, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup.