Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I'm Thinking

There are so many random thoughts running around in my head and I just want to put them down.

  1. I love my husband and I am so proud to be called Mrs. Wilkinson.
  2. I know the rain is frustrating, but the storms are soothing to me for some crazy reason.
  3. I am so proud of the seniors graduating in a week an a half.
  4. I cry every single time I think of the seniors graduating.
    10 small group girls and the many students who are a permanent fixture in our lives.

  5. I look forward to next year. My staff, my students, Anna living back in Kresge, but I still cry when I think of the seniors graduating.
  6. I am overwhelmed by the Lord's love and provision for little ol' me.
  7. I miss my family now that they are in Indiana and I cherish the times we get together.
  8. Zumba has reentered my life and I LOVE it!! Great workout and wonderful fellowship, with tons of laughter.
  9. I have been given such a great staff of women this year and equally good women for next year.
    This year and next!

  10. This life has seasons and I just want to enjoy every one.


Dottie said...

A #1.I love that picture of the storm. It looks crazy.
B #2. Look at Evan's hair in that one picture. It's ridiculous.
C #3. I'm glad I'll still be around you for a little longer ;)

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