Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Gladulation!

The cake that James decorated for me. Happy Gladulation! (we made up the word)

This year marks the end of an era. I have had a small group of ten girls for the last two year, had fourteen student workers over the last five years and in just a few short weeks my first class of seniors that I brought to Asbury as an admissions counselor will graduate.

We have a whole campus of students to love and we are so blessed and I know the Lord will continue to put special people in Aaron and my life, but graduation day this year will be a very sad day for me. I know that in years to come I will continue to keep up with these students just like I have with others in the past, but this is such a big number it just feels more permanent to me.

So...last weekend I decided to get several of them together for a night of games and special time. I had them all write letters to one another that I will mail to them a year from graduation to remind them of their friendships, commitments, and memories. It was a great free gift that they could all give to one another. After two hours of them writing we played games and of course had all their favorite snacks.

Aaron and I wanted to give them all a little gift to remember us and encourage them for the future so we bought them "The Little Engine That Could". It is one of my favorite childhood books and will be a good reminder to them not only to preserver, but to helps those around you along the way.

Sarah threw a paper airplane at Jenelle and it landed in her hair. It was rather funny.

All these folks are dear to my heart and I will miss them, but I am confident the Lord will use them in incredible ways. I cannot wait to hear about all of their adventures.


Kelcie said...

Awwwwwwww.... That's what I actually just said out loud. What a wonderful group of people, and what a wonderful party you threw for them!!!

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