Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out with the old in with the new

Back many moons ago my dad bought me a car for my high school graduation. It was an amazing gift! I have never had a car payment because of his generosity. However, in the last several years the ol' Ford Escape has been struggling. Aaron and I have shelled out the cash to keep her going, but this past week we traded her in for a shiny "new" (to us) well running 2009 Ford Escape Limited!

Aaron researched this car to death! He searched and searched and searched. If you are looking for a newer car and you want a good deal you have to be willing to wait and be willing to drive. Aaron found our little beauty in Wisconsin! So last Friday after work Aaron left little Wilmore and drove to Indiana, picked up my dad Chuck and went to Wisconsin. Two days later and 22 hours of driving later Aaron came home with our wonderful new car! I am so proud of Aaron. He does an amazing job caring for both me and Eli. He found us an incredible car, was willing to drive forever to get it and trade our car in, and did it without complaining!

Bittersweet. I loved this old thing. 10 years worth of memories.

but... LOVE my new car and will make years worth of new memories!

Aaron has decided to call the new car "Zoolander" because the color is blue steel and it is really really really ridiculously good looking! Also, Eli makes the face a lot!

The first time we saw Eli make "blue steel" in the hospital and his first time in the car.


In the Meantime said...

How fun! Congrats on the new car. I love Eli's Blue Steel look :)

We really like the Mazda 5 and are planning on getting one in a year or two. Or three. (Dave Ramsey's in our heads!).

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