Friday, May 27, 2011

Shoe Stories!

This summer I have an extensive to do list! I really like lists and accomplishing them. So yesterday I began to tackle the list. I cleaned out my scarves and my shoes. Doesn't sound like much I know, but for those of you that know me well you know that in fact this is a HUGE deal.

Remember this is judgment free zone so the following remarks must be smiled at and not frowned upon. When I met Aaron I had over 200 pairs of shoes and before we got married and shared and apartment together I took that number down to half! Again, please no judgment. I know that seems excessive, but I was a single girl that loved shoes so that is what I spent my money on. So yay me for getting down to 100.

Well over the last almost 3 years (can you believe it!) that Aaron and I have been married I have been hanging out around the 100 mark getting a few shoes here and there and getting rid of a few here and there. However, yesterday I decided several must go. It might surprise some of you to know that I am actually pretty good about cleaning out my belongings every three months or so, but this summer will be a bit time clean out since I have the time to do it well rather than rushing it over a weekend or an evening after work. of today I have 25 pairs of shoes to sell and four scarves! I will post pictures via facebook soon. If you are a size 6-7.5 keep your eyes open for the shoes and if you like scarves or clothes those will be coming soon as well so keep checking back for those.

Some of the shoes will go straight to Goodwill because they are from high school and others are pretty cute, but I just don't use them enough so I will sell them. You may be asking, "why do you still have shoes from high school or shoes that you don't wear often?" The answer is the stories behind them. I have memories and stories in each and every pair of shoes I own. I know it is silly, but I can't help but look at my pink and green polka dotted espadrilles and not think of my college graduation six years ago, my leather kitten heals from JCrew and not think of my many shopping trips with Kelli and Brynn or my burberry plaid clogs and think of a trip I took to Arkansas to see my dad, or the blue and green leather Chinese Laundry pumps and think of my first day of work after college. They have good and bad memories, but memories all the same.

So I cleaned out the shoes. I am not sad to see them go. I will not lose the memories, but just make room for more shoes and that means even more memories!


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