Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to Florida

This past week Aaron's job was flying him to Florida to recruit at two schools about 30-45 minutes from his family's house. What does that mean? Abby and Eli go to! It was such a fun trip. Eli got to spend lots of time with all his cousins. We were able to meet our newest addition, Lincoln John Foote born in August and spend some quality time with the whole family in between Aaron's class visits. Aaron worked on Thursday and Friday so I got time with both of my sister-in-laws which was so fun. We shopped a bit, got pedicures and ate lots of yummy food. The pictures below are just a brief overview of our time there.

Not the best picture of all five grandkids but great if you think about getting all five seated in one place.

Pool time pictures.

The End! :) Get it.


Kate said...

I cannot believe how big Eli is getting! He just keeps getting cuter!

And I get it! (Your last line, I mean, haha!)

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