Monday, September 12, 2011

Eli- 9 months old

OK! So I am a crappy Mother. You can all say it. Eli is now 9 1/2 months old and I am just sitting down to write his 9 month blog. Life has just been out of control and I haven't been on blogger for over 2 weeks. My hubby is much better at keeping up with this stuff.

Weight: 17 lbs. and 3 oz. (this is the 5% for a 9 month old)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (this is the 2% for a 9 month old)
Head size: 44 1/2 cm. (this is the 26% for a 9 month old) I know...big head!

Well as you can see above he is growing well. I went to multiple doctor's appointments in the past two weeks and he has officially been discharged from his hernia doctor with perfect reviews and the NICU nurses just raved about how great he looked when we stopped by. His regular pediatrician talked about how great he was doing and had no concerns about him. Then his specialists for being a preemie raved about him and had nearly everyone in the office come by to see just how "cute" this baby was. They also said he was developing wonderfully and that he was "perfect!" He is getting nearer and nearer on the growth chart and at his point all we have to do is keep feeding him and working on normal baby stuff.

  • He loves baby food and is eating wonderfully. He opens his mouth and leans forward when he sees the spoon.
  • He is great about sitting in his high chair and wearing a bib.
  • I am working on not being so OCD about everything being clean while he eats. ie, the chair, his face, and the tray.
  • He still sleeps great, but isn't quite as interested in naps other than his morning nap.
  • He sits SO well all by himself.
  • He loves bath time. He is a big splasher.
  • He will eat anything that we give him. So glad he is not picky at this point.
  • He is in size 3 diapers.
  • He is in size 6 month clothes.
  • He doesn't love shoes, but is ok with them every once in awhile.
  • He talks, jabbers, screeches, A LOT and is rather LOUD! It is lots of fun.
  • He has found his tongue and loves it as well as his hands and feet.
  • His hair stills sticks straight up most of the time, but I think it is going to start laying down soon which makes me a little sad.

All in all he is doing wonderfully and we are just still so happy and enjoying our little bundle.


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