Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eli- 10 months old

Eli is 10 months old and the time is just getting away from me. We don't have his height or weight because he won't go to the doctor, but even without it I can see and feel that he is growing. I feel like he has changed so much in the last few weeks.

  • He now sits perfectly. He only tips when he is tired or really distracted.
  • He eats type 2 baby food twice a day and really likes it.
  • He eats all fruits, veggies, and whatever meats we give him.
  • He loves his Nanny Anna and many other of our college students. One of the guys, Randy Troyer, makes him laugh a lot.
  • He never touches the ground around campus. The students think he is the greatest!
  • He can clap.
  • He can grab Aaron's hand to sit up.
  • He still only rolls from his belly to his back and over his right shoulder.
  • He doesn't have any teeth, but he slobbers like crazy and chews on anything he can get a hold of.
  • He smiles always.
  • He is the light of Aaron and my life.


JPParsons said...

Oh my gosh he's sooooo big!!! And super adorable! I miss you all so so much and hope to be able to come visit you all soon! Love ya!

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