Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who does Eli look like?

All parents know that from the moment you find out you have a baby you wonder who they will look like. Will they have my nose, your eyes, and what color will their hair be.

Parents also know that you can rarely pinpoint who they resemble most even when the baby arrives. I know there are exceptions and some parents can tell immediately, but that is not the typical situation.

Eli is technically only a month old and he looks like a different person to me every other day. We all change as we age and that makes the guessing game all the more fun. Here are a few pictures of me and Aaron as babies. You all can put your guesses as to who our precious little Eli will look like.

soon after coming home from the hospital


at the hospital

soon after the hospital

a little while later...I have no clue how old I am here


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