Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weight and Size

Just a few random thoughts I'm have this fine Saturday morning. I am sure this week was rough for several woman (and even men) as it is the Spring Break season and I don't really know many people who like wearing swimsuits even if they have what most people would deem a "perfect body". We all find things in ourselves that we just don't like, want to improve, or can't stand to even think about, much less look at.

As swimsuit season nears and the spring season arrives bringing new clothes and excitement, I find myself feeling happy about the changing weather, but dreading the idea of spring and summer clothes. I joke regularly that I should only buy workout clothes until I lose weight. I am beginning to think that isn't too bad of an idea. However, I others think the same of me? I am going to guess no, because I don't think this way of others. We are always so critical of ourselves. Weight and pant size is just a number. Yes I want to look good in the eyes of my husband and even in the eyes of others, but the bottom line is I just want to be healthy for my family.

So...I will continue to walk on warm days, eat a more balanced diet, and indulge in a snickers bar here and there, but this spring I commit to at least trying to stop looking at a number on a scale or on my clothes and start focusing on a lifestyle. I have been and always will be curvy. I just don't see that changing so instead of looking at clothes online and feeling overwhelmed, I am going for a walk with my husband and son as soon as we get our morning errands and chores complete.

Here is my encouragement to all women and men if yor reading, focus on the parts of yourself that you like. When I focus on the bad, I just want to give up and that doesn't help me or those around me because I just end up with a bad attitude.

I leave you with this verse to focus on for the week. "The King is enthralled with your beauty. Honor him for He is your Lord." - Psalm 45:11

Isn't that what it is all about.


In the Meantime said...

What a great reminder. Its such a funny thing about being pregnant, you know you're supposed to gain weight, and you still cringe when you see the scale go up. I talk to so many preggo girls who feel the same way. We've been programmed to see weight gain as something to avoid at all costs. The best thing that happened to me was when the battery died on our scale right when I found out I was pregnant! Instead of replacing the scale, I put it in the closet so I can't obsess over my weight.

Like you, I want to be healthy for my family and focus on the good things about myself. Thanks for the reminder!

cathy said...

i love this post... its such a battle of the mind... but you hit it right on! Im gonna emlinimate numbers from the judgement of my self worth! Its not about the scale or the pant size! Miss you friend!!

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