Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy Monday - 4 weeks and projects

Eli has been home for four whole weeks now. It is hard to believe. We are staring to hit our groove. He is technically over three months old, but I have to keep reminding myself that in all truth he is actually only supposed to be 2 weeks old. He sleeps a bit more regularly which is so nice for mommy and daddy because we feel a bit more sane and normal. He seems to be gaining good weight, but we don't have a scale at home to weight him on, so I am just guessing by looking. He has completely outgrown all of his preemie cloths which is a big crossroads! Now he wears newborn, but most of them are still a couple inches too long and none of the pants fit him around the waist.

He is now taking actual baths in a little miniature bathtub, since we have no tub of our own in the dorm. He loves how the water feels when we pour it on his belly, arms, and legs. It seems like he is beginning to recognize me more and more each day. He smiles more often and has some of the cutest faces I have ever seen.

His nursery is complete with no help from pottery barn. I ordered his bedding in October and I still only have the bumper and crib skirt. No sheet, but thanks to my mom, we have another that matches that she picked up as a shower gift. I have one last craft that will totally fill out his walls. I saw this painting at Hobby Lobby and it cost $60.00 ($30.00 on a sale day) and I thought to myself, "I could paint that."

So now I am painting away. I will post pictures of this adventure once it is completed which will hopefully be by the end of the week. It is a slow process as I can only work on it while Eli is asleep, being held by someone else, or entertained in his bouncy seat. I will also post final pictures of his nursery very soon.

I hope everyone has a happy Monday, Mommy or not (in case you forgot the blog title is "Mommy Monday"). Choose to focus on something that makes your life better and share a smile or kind word with someone around you.


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