Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Nurses at Central Baptist NICU

There has been so much happening since I last posted. Eli came home, we have been to his first doctor's appointment, he doesn't like to sleep at all the right times for dad and mom, and we are loving every second. I will blog about all of it in due time. Currently Eli is sleeping on my chest while I type away in our dark living room. He is so sweet. I love just hearing his little breathes and feeling his little chest rise and fall.

Before I get to his coming home, I want to tell you all about our amazing nurses. Ronda Byrd was our all time favorite, followed Bernice and by Lisa (who we didn't see much towards the end of Eli's stay). Each of them took such good care of not only Eli, but of Aaron and I. I wouldn't have survived the 67 days he was in NICU or bringing him home without them. They all took such perfect care in teaching us how to care for our precious little one. They didn't jump in and just do things themselves, but taught us both so now that he is home it is not nearly as overwelming.

I had them take a picture with signs saying "We love Eli" and I plan on framing the picture and putting it in his nursery. I think it will just be a special momento to the ladies who cared for him so well while he wasn't able to be home with mom and dad.

Ronda showing me how to give Eli his first bath.

Lisa giving Eli to me the first time I held him.

Some of the nurses...Bobby, Martha, Mary(I think), Ronda, Char, and Christy.

My signs...hoping to use them with a couple of other group shots in the future.

That is all for now. Happy Wednesday. Enjoy the light snow and cold weather. It is supposed to be pretty warm next week. I am looking forward to this because I plan on taking Eli for his first walk.


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