Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of Love

Today is Valentine's Day, the day of love! I love this holiday. I don't understand people who get all upset when they are single. I have loved every Valentine's day single or otherwise. For me it is a day to think about all the people I love and that love me. This year in particular however, I am focused totally on Aaron. We aren't doing gifts (we gave each other a baby), but he is still my Valentine. I cannot imagine a better partner in life for me. He is so loving, supportive, encouraging, helpful, sensitive, hard working and really good looking.

One of my love languages is acts of service and Aaron really takes this to heart. He goes out and starts the car when it is cold, he has done the dishes every night to help me since Eli has been home. He carries all the heavy stuff in my life, opens doors, and kept Eli for six hours one night so I could sleep. The list goes on and on.

We are a great team! So on this day of love, I would like to make it a day of thanksgiving as well. I am more than thankful for my spouse. Thank you Aaron for being all you are to me and our little boy. We have only been married for 2 1/2 wonderful years. I cannot imagine what the rest of our lives hold.

So to everyone who isn't married, in love, dating, or crushing on someone, take today to think about the people you appreciate and love because of what they mean to you.



Kate said...

This is so sweet!

Kelcie said...

I agree so much. Valentine's Day gets so much hate, but I love having an extra reminder to appreciate the wonderful people in my life.

Anonymous said...

too sweet.

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