Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eli's first trip to Florida

Just a warning...this is a REALLY long post. I have had to write it multiple times due to internet issues which means spelling and grammar will be bad. Again, just a warning.

From June 22-27 Eli and I spent time in Florida with Aaron's family. Aaron was not able to go because of work, but we decided I should go so that his Aunts and Uncles could meet Eli before Christmas.

It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. I got sick the third day we were there so that was pretty miserable, but Eli got to meet lots of really important people to us so it was well worth the runny nose, lack of sleep and sore throat.

Just a really quick overview...

Wednesday, we flew in and it was Aunt Annie's (Aaron's sister in-law) birthday. We went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner and Eli got to meet all his cousins, his Uncle Brian and his Aunt Annie. It was a very fun night celebrating Annie. On a side note, this was the first time Eli and I had flown without Aaron. It was quite an adventure. Eli was so good, even during the 3.5 hour layover in Atlanta. Everyone kept saying..."we didn't even know there was a baby on the plane." This made mommy very happy.

The cousins outside the restaurant.

Thursday, we went shopping and then had a cookout where Eli met Aaron's Uncle David, Aunt Connie and cousins Delana and Cody. Nana and Papa as well as all Aaron's siblings (except Matthew, he is in Indiana for the summer) came over to eat. It was a fun night with a full house just enjoying one another.

Eli in the big boy stroller with Landry at the mall.

Gloria didn't have an infant seat so we used her convertible car seat. Eli loved it. He was so good and because he did so well we made the switch after we got home to a larger car seat as well. He loves looking out the window from his new seat.

Nana and Papa!

Aunt Connie

Cousin Cody and Cousin Tripp

Cousin Delana

Cousins Kelsey and Tripp

Friday, we spent the day at a few boutiques in the area. After lunch I started feeling really sick. I think it was just allergies, but I have not felt that bad in quite awhile. After naps and dinner Eli and I went down to Nana and Papa's so he could meet Uncle Tommy and Aunt Mary Ann. We also met the former City Manager and family friend. I forgot her name, but she worked for Nana and was just the sweetest lady. I had a great time just visiting, telling stories, laughing and looking at old family pictures.

This is a random shot of Eli playing on the floor. I love this shot because it really shows off Eli's sweet little eyes.

Saturday, was quite an adventure. We went and got pictures made with all the cousins. That is Kelsey (10), Landry (2), Tripp (almost 1) and Eli (tiny). it was quite a mess at times. Kelsey was very patient and helpful as the other three were not quite as cooperative. We did however get several really good shots, both individual shots of all the kids and group shots with all of them. I have my favorite shot framed in our living room where I can see it constantly. So while, it was a little bit of a struggle it was well worth it in the end. After pictures we went to lunch with some of Aaron's mom Gloria's family. Two of her sisters Debbie and Wanda and a few of their girls, Lydia, Andrea and their kids. After a very late lunch we went home and then spent the evening at Nana and Papa's again.

These are a few shots of Eli from our morning. I took them with my phone and sent them to Aaron.
The shot of all the kids in our living room.
Pictures from lunch

Andrea and Lydia with Eli and Lydia's youngest girl.

Sunday, was our church and pool day. It was so much fun! It was very neat at church the pastor recognized us and several people were able to come and meet Eli. What a blessing to hear from so many how much they prayed for our little boy. It is an incredible reminder of Christ's love for each of us.
Mary Catherine held Eli through church and put him right to sleep.

Eli had never been in the pool so we decided to take the one day without rain and take advantage of it. Aaron's family including cousins Mary Catherine, Lauren and Tamara joined us for the day. Eli wasn't sure about the water initially, but quickly began to enjoy it. He didn't splash very much, but just kind of floated around and smiled a lot.

Tamara holding Eli. Tommy and Mary Ann behind her.

Nana with her Great-grandson Eli in the pool.

Tripp with his dad Brian. I have never seen a baby that smiles as much as Tripp. He is so funny.

Brian and Eli checking each other out.

Lauren give Eli some lovin'.
Sunday night Mary Catherine and Lauren took me to Gary's for dinner. It was a very casual, and I mean VERY CASUAL place that is known for their oysters. I took a quick picture of our appetizer of steamed oysters. It was my first time to try them and I kind of likes them. We also got alligator tail. It was a wonderful night. I love the two of them and it was such a blessing to be able to spend some time with just them. We closed the place down laughing, crying, and truly enjoying each other.

On a side note, when we got home I received news that my grandma Emily was doing badly and had a bit of a breakdown in the living room. I was reassured that it was not an emergency so I didn't need to change my flight, but as you will read in later posts that is not exactly the case.

Monday morning Eli and I flew home to my oh so precious Husband! I missed Aaron so much, but had a wonderful time in Florida with his family. Thanks to everyone (if you are reading this) for making my trip so special and for loving our little man.

On Monday, Eli and I flew home to Eli


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