Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary

June 2nd marks the 21st wedding anniversary for my mom and dad Chuck. (Step-dad, but I call him dad. Just so you aren't confused.) They now live in Indiana so we don't get to celebrate with them, but I just wanted to wish them a happy day. Mom is traveling to California for work and dad is home in Marion with Alex but I am sure they are still remembering their wonderful 21 years together.

Thanks Mom and Dad for loving one another unconditionally and being a wonderful example of compromise, love, friendship and growth. Here's to at least 21 more!!!

Putt-Putt on our Myrtle Beach trips!

My 23rd birthday!

Ski Trip to West Virgina!

...and then the family photo shoot!

Lots of love to you both! Happy Anniversary!


Dottie said...

oh wow, 21? Congrats!!!

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