Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Juices

The creative juices have certainly been flowing. I am not an overly creative person, but every once in awhile I become inspired. Last Christmas my 10 small group girls bought me a sewing machine. I didn't use it because I was too intimidated to put it together and get it all set-up. However, I tackled the task with my friend Julia and that got the ball rolling. Below is a picture of just a few of the burp cloths I made for my beautiful boy, Eli, on my wonderful sewing machine. There are lots more, but these are some of my favorites.

I also took my childhood dresser from my grandmother's house and stripped off four layers of paint. Once down to the wood, I painted it brown and bought new hardware at Lowe's to make it the perfect changing table for my little boy's room.

Hard at took what seemed like forever.

In the room! The room is still in progress. I will post pictures soon.

The hard work was totally worth it. Our own custom changing table and dresser.

It will be great to have our boy home and watch him enjoy the things we have prepared out of love for him. I found myself dreaming about what would fill these drawers as I painted. Eli has his whole life ahead of him. My prayer for him is that he seeks after his heavenly father and that he never questions the overwhelming love his parents have for one another as well as for him.


hamesworth said...

That dresser looks sweet.

P.S. i think my sister bought that same changing table cushion thing. haha

Aaron said...

you blogged! yay! and see what interesting things you have to blog about!

P.S. That dresser is sweet. You did a great job.

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