Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Bump

Week 25

Week 25

Week 25

Week 24

Week 23

Week 23 (Halloween) I was Mike Wazowski from Moster's Inc.

Week 22

Week 22

Week 21

Week 21

Week 20

Week 19

So I really do have to be the worst blogger in history, but I will try to do a little better. I thought that some baby bump pictures were in order since I am 25 weeks today, which only leaves a short 15 weeks remaining. Holy Cow! Aaron seems to think the time is creeping by, but I very strongly disagree. When I think of 15 weeks from now, never being able to sleep in on Saturdays with my husband, doing multiple loads of laundry a day, changing on average ten diapers a day, and having a little baby to take care of; it is a bit overwhelming.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to have a little one on the way, but I am soaking in every moment of the present.

As most of you know Aaron has been traveling ALL fall and so we see each other a day here and there. This not only means that I miss him a great deal, but it also means that I have been documenting most of the pregnancy on my own. So be gracious with me. The pictures are not that good, because they were taken with my iPhone in a dorm mirror, but at least it is something.

Also, I realize they posted backwards, but being the novice blogger that I am, I cannot figure out how to switch it correctly. Have a wonderful Wednesday (we will call it bump day today).

My next big project is the nursery so I will post pictures as it progresses. Again, thanks for the patience as I truly am terrible at this blogging thing.


In the Meantime said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for posting. I've been taking pictures (almost) every week but probably won't post anything on FB until I'm showing a little more. You're such a cute pregnant girl! Miss you!

Abby Wilkinson said...

Thanks Court! I didn't know you had a blog, but now I follow you! So fun.

Kate said...

You look so adorbs in every photo! Cutest pregnant lady ever.

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