Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Blog!!!!

So...I am totally not your typical blogger, hence the name incredibly average. When I think of a blogger, I think of granola eating, etsy site owners, and hybrid driving folks. I am don't eat Kashi cereal, make my clothes or my curtains and I drive an nine year old SUV. I am very happily married to a wonderful man who makes me a better person and make my world a happier place.

Bear with me as I learn how this whole thing works. I don't know how to add pics, videos or even change my background. I know however that my beautiful small group girls will be a wealth of knowledge for me in this area and will set me up in terrific way.

Well here's to this exciting new adventure! I look forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Abby, just found your blog, and it looks great! I'm glad I can read about your news in this way. I'm with you on not being the normal blogger, but I have one too: So, congratulations on the pregnancy; I'm so happy for you! Oh, and reading your post about Kresge RD stuff (nice apartment, btw!) makes me miss Asbury and my wonderful times in the dorm. Can't believe I left Wilmore 5 years ago.

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